Why Stone Ground

Our stone grinding process utilizes the whole grain. Nothing is removed. We also grind at a much lower temperature than the high-speed roller mills used today in commercial milling. Keeping the grains cool does not destroy the heat sensitive nutrients and makes for a much more flavorful and healthy product. The flour available in supermarkets today is ground with high speed hammer or roller mills. It is then refined by removing the germ, bran and essential oils. Next, it is sifted several times to give it a fine texture. Then the flour is “whitened” by aging or by adding bleaching agents such as potassium bromate. Finally the flour is enriched by replacing a couple of nutrients. We believe that eating freshly stone-ground whole grains is a much healthier alternative to the high-speed, “whitened”, enriched flours! Thank you for choosing our stone-ground whole grain products. Your order will be custom ground, hand-packaged, and then shipped the same day. When your order arrives by U.P.S. immediately freeze or refrigerate it in an airtight container. That will ensure freshness and flavor!